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Welcome to CMS Saz website
Welcome to CMS Saz website

The activity of the founders of CMS Saz in the field of information technology and graphics dates back to the 70's. Doing many different projects for reputable institutions and companies during these years has brought a brilliant record for this collection. Since 2006, by attracting specialized, young and active forces, the development and updating of various and efficient web-based solutions has been a priority in the strategic plans of this company, so that the design of web-based systems is one of the basic pillars of CMS Saz. The result of years of effective and successful experience of managers, along with the expertise and commitment of young people, has increased the ability of this group to carry out numerous and diverse projects in the field of web systems design and while maintaining quality, has also resulted in customer satisfaction. Simplicity and ease of use and management of systems provided by users, along with the use of modern methods and technologies, has been and will be one of the biggest concerns of the managers of this collection. Another important thing in "CMS SAZ" is the observance of the basic principles of design as well as the taste of customers regarding the graphics and appearance of the presented systems. Since the graphic department of "CMS SAZ" has a long history and uses the capabilities of creative and professional graphic designers, this issue is pursued in a very specialized way to not only maintain the principles of design and quality of work, but also customer satisfaction. To be provided. The process of designing custom or public web systems is shaped for each customer according to their needs, activities and scope of work. Accordingly, the process of ordering and delivering the work of none of the customers is similar to the other, and this diversity and attention to customer demand is the biggest and most fundamental competitive advantage of this collection.  bullet Providing the best services at reasonable costs and commensurate with the needs of customers as well as proper support for the systems provided is the main goal of this collection bullet  It is hoped that with God's care and grace, the honor of cooperating and accompanying your collection will be recorded in the CMS Saz honors record.